ELF Best Friend Eyeshadow Duos


Left to Right: Soul Mate, Pink Pal

ELF recently came out with a line of new eyeshadow duos and of course, I needed to try them. I love how affordable ELF products are and they usually are pretty good quality. These duos are no different, the shadows are smooth and go on beautifully. I really love eyeshadow duos in general because they are perfect to travel with as they usually contain two complementing colors.

There are 5 different duos in this collection and I have 2 of them in the colors Soul Mate and Pink Pal. The duos contain one shimmer shade and one matte shade.

Soul Mate is the perfect “going out” duo. It is really great for a taupe-toned  smokey eye. I really love the shimmer shade in this duo. You can easily wear this shade blended out as a beautiful, day-friendly eye look.


Soul Mate

Pink Pal is perfect for everyday. It has a beautiful shimmery pink (that could be used as a highlighter) and a cool-toned matte brown. Out of the two I purchased, this one is my favorite because it is great for everyday. I really love neutral colors so this duo is perfect for me.

DSC_0045 2

Pink Pal

Overall, if you want an inexpensive eyeshadow duo these are a great option. They are perfect for those who want a great eyeshadow look but don’t have the time to think about what colors look good together. The packaging and the ingredients leave a lot to be desired however at $3 a piece you can’t beat it. The quality of the eyeshadows themselves are great quality.

If you have tried these duos or the other colors please leave me a comment and let me know what you think 🙂


As a note: Everything I mention on this blog is vegan and cruelty-free! Thanks for reading!


ELF Mineral Infused Mascara


Hello again! I have a few thoughts to share about the ELF Mineral Infused Mascara. I’ve been trying out some affordable mascaras lately to see how they compare to my favorite high end mascaras. I really like how accessible ELF products are so, if you are in a pinch ELF is a great option.

This mascara has a thin rubber bristle brush that is easy to work with and evenly coats the lashes. The wand is a bit flimsy but, it isn’t too difficult to control. The mascara is a dry formula which I really enjoy because I find that it volumizes my lashes better than a wet formula.

I found that in order to layer this mascara you must do so while the first layer is still wet. After that the formula doesn’t allow for much layering and it can make your lashes look clumpy. The one thing I found disappointing about this mascara was how easily it can smudge and flake. This wasn’t an overwhelming problem but, it happened more than I would have liked. Mascaras don’t typically smudge on my eyes so I would not recommend this for anyone who finds their mascara smudges or runs easily.

Overall, I wasn’t blown away by this mascara but, I found it applied very nicely. I liked the look it gave my lashes it just wasn’t long wearing on my eyes.  With this mascara I think you get what you pay for but, for $3  you can’t beat it.

Vegan Makeup Starter Kit (Budget Friendly)


When I first went vegan 4 years ago, I found it to be a fairly easy transition. I had no problems eliminating animal products from my diet however, I did struggle with finding vegan makeup. I love makeup and I really didn’t want to part with my favorite products that weren’t vegan. I had no idea where I was going to find vegan products and if they would even work for me. Over the years of testing different products, I’ve put a lot of research into this topic. I wanted to put together a “starter kit” for those who are wanting to transition to the vegan lifestyle in hopes that your journey might be a little easier.

First off, two brands I would highly recommend you look at are ELF Cosmetics and Lily Lolo. ELF Cosmetics is a very affordable and accessible brand. All of the ELF Cosmetics products are vegan and cruelty free. Their ingredients aren’t the best but, for the price you can’t beat it. You can find their products online, Target, Walmart, and even some drugstores.

Lily Lolo is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands. They are an all natural brand that offers many vegan friendly products. Each product says whether or not it is vegan on the their website. Additionally, none of their products contain any toxic ingredients. Lily Lolo products are more pricy than ELF Cosmetics but, if you want green beauty products they are the way to go. You can find their products at lilylolo.us

The products that I have assembled for this starter kit are meant for anyone who is wanting to try vegan products. I tried to include affordable options and natural options depending on what you are looking to try. Vegan and natural makeup can get expensive so, I wanted to share some budget-friendly options in this list.

Foundation – I really enjoy the OCC tinted moisturizer as my everyday foundation. It is lightweight and works for me in every season. I talk more about this foundation in my previous post here. ELF cosmetics also makes a great variety of inexpensive foundations. My favorite is the Flawless Finish Foundation. I have a full review of that foundation here.


OCC Tint and Silk Naturals concealer

Concealer– I am currently using the Silk Naturals stick concealer (I broke mine and it is pictured in the clear jar to the right). It’s very inexpensive, natural, and creamy. Pacifica also makes two really great concealers: the transcendent concealer and the dreamlit concealer. I have a full review on the dreamlit concealer here. If you are looking for a more traditional concealer the transcendent one is the way to go.

Powder-Lily Lolo makes my favorite powder foundation. It rivals the Bare Minerals foundations in my opinion. I use this both as a foundation and a setting powder. To use it as a setting powder I just use a smaller amount of product.

Blush– Pacifica makes my favorite affordable blush. It is the color Camellia. This blush is a shimmery peach color that is similar to Benefit Coralista (Camellia leans a bit more pink) . This blush also comes in a more rose shade called Wildrose.


Pacifica Camellia

Contour– Hands down the best contour powder I have tried is the ELF Contour Palette. I talk more about this palette in a previous post here.


Pacifica Aquarian Gaze (waterproof) Mascara and Wet n Wild Megaliner

Mascara– Pacifica makes the best vegan mascara. They offer 3 different types and all are non-irritating to the eye area. I talk more about the Pacifica Dream Big mascara here.

Eyeliner– I love the Wet n Wild Megaliner liquid eyeliner. It is very black and very easy to use. I can wear it all day long without it smudging or fading. The best part is the price. It is only 3 dollars at most drugstores and Target.

Eyeshadow– Silk Naturals makes the most affordable, natural eyeshadows. I couldn’t recommend them enough. I have a full review on these eyeshadows here. I also love the ELF Mad for Matte palettes. All of the shadows are easy to apply and have great pigmentation. I have a full review on the Mad for Matte 2 Palette here.


ELF Mad for Matte 1 Palette

I hope this post was helpful to anyone who is new to vegan makeup. Please leave a comment if you have any affordable favorites that are cruelty-free and vegan!







ELF Mad For Matte 2 Palette


I recently purchased the ELF Mad for Matte 2 palette. I absolutely love the original Mad for Matte palette ELF released not too long ago and I wanted to give this new palette a try. This  new palette has more warm toned eyeshadows compared to the original palette.


After using it for a week I have to say I already love it. The shadows are very smooth and easy to blend. All of the colors are very pigmented, even the purple and the black shades are rich in color. The first few shades are really great transition colors and can be used to blend out the darker colors. Personally, I love those colors for simple everyday looks.


With Flash

I think this palette is really great for everyday but, you can also get some great nighttime looks out of it as well. Overall, I would recommend this palette to anyone looking for a simple and affordable matte palette. The shadows are smooth, not chalky, and apply perfectly. Most importantly, it is vegan and cruelty free!


Silk Naturals Eye Shadow Overview


I’ll be the first one to admit that I am an eye shadow addict; I can’t get enough of it. I first stumbled upon Silk Naturals about 3 years ago while searching for vegan eye shadow. I was desperately trying to find dupes for some non-cruelty free eye shadows I used to own prior to going vegan.

Silk Naturals carries a boatload of vegan-friendly eye shadows and many of them are, what I would consider, pretty close dupes to Urban Decay and MAC eye shadows. They are even labeled as such on the Silk Naturals website (They even sell complete dupes of the UD Naked palettes). Not only are the eye shadows cruelty free but, they are only $4.50 each.

Each eye shadow is a loose powder and comes in a 5-gram sifter jar. They do sell a pressing medium and pans if you would like to press the eye shadows. I do own this and would advise not to press these eye shadows. I found that when I pressed them they lost a considerable amount of pigmentation, especially the shimmer finish eye shadows. These eye shadows come in a variety of colors and finishes so if you are looking for a particular shade I would check out Silk Naturals first.

Parting Thoughts
• Very affordable
• Not every eye shadow they offer is vegan however, the vast majority are.
• Nice pigmentation- I haven’t purchased an eye shadow that I ended up not liking.
• Easy to find dupes!
• All eye shadows are swatched on their website so it is easy to see what color the eye shadow is actually going to be.

Check out Silk Naturals here – http://www.silknaturals.com/store/index.php/



Elf Flawless Finish Foundation


I first tried this foundation a few years ago and it was not until recently that I started using it again. For starters, it’s $6. If that’s not affordable I don’t know what is.

I find this foundation to be medium coverage. You can build it up to achieve a heavier coverage, however, I find when I apply too much product it tends to oxidize on my skin. I have found that using a translucent setting powder can help you avoid this rather than using a powder with pigment in it. Any spots that aren’t covered to my liking I just spot correct them with a concealer.

Given that you use the right amount of product for your preferred coverage, this foundation allows your skin to still look like skin. I would say this foundation gives a demi-matte finish; it doesn’t leave your skin looking flat.

I typically apply this with my flat top foundation brush from Real Techniques. I find this type of brush buffs in the foundation nicely without making it too sheer.

Another benefit of this foundation is it has an added SPF of 15. (Of course, using a moisturizer with an SPF underneath your foundation is ideal.) I like knowing there is extra sun protection in my foundation.

Parting Thoughts

• Easily accessible and affordable. I bought mine at Target.

• Decent staying power- tends to wear off around my nose at the end of the day (mostly due to my glasses)

• Relatively small shade range. Not much variation between shades either. I wear the lightest shade (porcelain).

Pacifica Cleansers


After discovering Pacifica’s recently released skincare line I was interested in testing out the cleansers. My skin tends to be sensitive so naturally I was hesitant to mess with my current skin care routine. That being said, Pacifica tends to be quite gentle on my skin.

I picked up both the Kale Detox face wash and the Sea Foam face wash.



Kale Detox–  First and foremost the packaging is adorable! This cleanser is a clear gel consistency and has a faint smell of kale. I found this cleanser to be quite clarifying without leaving my skin feeling tight which is something I find hard to come by. I have acne prone combination skin and after a few days of nightly use I did experience some dryness. It is January however, so this may be a product I could use everyday during the summer.  I switched to using it every other night and had no problems.







Sea Foam– This cleanser is marketed to all skin types and I find that to be quite accurate. This cleanser also has a clear gel like consistency and smells similar to their Indian Coconut Nectar fragrance. I used this cleanser every morning and every other night when I wasn’t using the kale detox cleanser. I was surprised at how gentle the sea foam cleanser was  on my skin even after I developed some dryness from the kale detox cleanser. I would definitely recommend this to any skin type but mainly people with sensitive or dry skin.




Parting Thoughts

  • Both cleansers are great for travel.
  • The kale detox cleanser is beneficial to those with problematic skin types however, it can be drying during cold weather months.
  • The sea foam cleanser is great for everyday use and for all skin types.
  • Both cleaners are easily accessible. I bought mine at Target and Ulta.
  • Cruelty Free and Vegan!