How To Go Cruelty-Free

Let me set the scene:

You’ve recently discovered the horrible truths about animal testing and you are completely outraged. Then, you look through your makeup bag and your bathroom counter and you see all of those brands that you now know test on animals. You’re thinking, what do I do now? Do I throw everything away and start over? But, where do I start? DO VEGANS EVEN WEAR MAKEUP?! 

Let me assure you, I was there a little over 5 years ago. I was in the same place, freaking out about what my next step was going to be. The good news is I made it through and I’m here to share my tips with you for going cruelty-free!

  1. Use up the products you already own: When I went cruelty-free I did not start from scratch. I tried to use up all of the non-cruelty-free products I already had. This gave me time to find cruelty-free versions of my favorite products and do research  without being wasteful.
  2. Check to see if anything you currently own is already cruelty-free:bunny There are so many mainstream brands that are cruelty-free. Do some research and read the labels of the products you already own because some of them might be cruelty-free already.
  3. Do your research: Read sites like Logical Harmony and Ethical Elephant. These sites are great resources for staying updated on the cruelty-free statues of brands. They also have vegan product lists as well.
  4. Don’t rule out the drugstore: Now that you want to go cruelty-free that doesn’t mean you have to avoid drugstore brands. Check out your local Walgreens or Target to find affordable cruelty-free brands. These brands include:
    • Wet N Wild
    • ELF
    • Pacifica
    • Yes To
    • Physician’s Formula
    • Alba Botanica
    • Milani
  5. Be flexible and try new brands: One of my favorite things about being cruelty-free is finding new brands to try that I wouldn’t have otherwise sought out. Some of my most favorite products are not from mainstream brands. I encourage you to have fun with your cruelty-free journey and not be overwhelmed with trying to be perfect.

Just remember, there are so many resources out there to help you along the way. You are doing the right thing and the animals thank you 🙂


What’s In My Z-Palette – Vegan and Cruelty-Free


From Left To Right:

Row 1:

  • Colourpop Let Me Explain
  • Root Heirloom
  • Mother Bear’s Calico
  • Mother Bear’s Rose Gold
  • Mother Bear’s Third Place

Row 2:

  • Colourpop Ringer
  • Colourpop Ready or Yacht
  • Colourpop Pep Talk
  • Colourpop Salt Water
  • Colourpop Made To Last

Row 3:

  • Root Gatsby
  • Colourpop Wake Up Call
  • Colourpop Bel Air
  • Colourpop Note To Self
  • Colourpop Side Tracked


Jane Iredale Glow Time Mineral BB Cream Review


Hello Everybody! I am here to share with you my thoughts on the Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage BB Cream (that’s a mouthful). I had been wanting to try Jane Iredale products for awhile because they are a high-end, green beauty brand.

I was very intrigued by this product because I didn’t know a full coverage BB cream existed and unfortunately, I have to say that this product is not it. This is a full on foundation. This product has a very thick, mousse-y consistency not at all similar to a BB cream. I have to say that I did find it difficult to apply this product at first. I have dry skin and I have found that this product does not apply nicely to dry skin. So, if you have dry skin make sure that you moisturize your skin very well before applying.

A little does go a long way with this foundation. If you are not careful it can become cakey. It can be difficult to blend so, I would try using as little product as possible at first until you get your preferred coverage. This foundation dries to a satin finish, not very glow-y or dewy as the name suggests. That being said, it does not have a dull finish. It does look very natural for being full coverage.

Once you find the best way to apply it for your skin type this foundation is really great. I prefer to use a brush to apply this foundation because it works best for blending without losing coverage.

Overall, I really like this foundation however, it can be difficult to use at first. I love the natural ingredients and that it has an SPF of 25. I think this would be a great special occasion foundation but, it is also wearable for everyday.

I hope this review was helpful and as always, everything I talk about on this blog is Vegan and Cruelty-Free.


Collective Haul – Video

Hello again, I have a collective haul for you guys, showing you all of the things I have purchased over the past couple months. I hope you enjoy! As always, if you have any feed back I would love to see it in the comments!

Summer GRWM- Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Hi everybody! I filmed this get ready with me showcasing the products I’ve been using the most this summer!


Let me know what your favorite products this summer have been 🙂 Thanks for watching!



100% Pure 2nd Skin Foundation Review


I had been wanting to try this foundation for the longest time and I finally got around to purchasing it. I am in the process of transitioning to mainly green beauty products. I believe it is especially important to use foundations that have clean ingredients because they cover your entire face and sink into the skin throughout the day.

I was very intrigued by this foundation at first because it claimed to perfect the skin without looking you were wearing makeup. That claim is mainly true however, you can still tell you are wearing some sort of foundation. I find that this foundation gives a satin finish to the skin which comes off looking quite natural.

This foundation is formulated with olive squalane which is meant to be moisturizing as well as anti-aging. The olive squalane gives this foundation a serum-like texture similar to the Juice Beauty Serum Foundation. If you have dry skin this foundation can cling to your dry patches because it dries down quickly after you buff it in with a foundation brush.

I find this foundation to give medium coverage. I did experience some breakouts recently that this foundation was not able to cover completely however, it worked well with the concealer I used to cover the breakouts. Overall, I liked the appearance of foundation on my skin. (The breakouts were not caused by this foundation)

100% Pure has been vocal in speaking out against the use of shark liver oil in cosmetics in their promotions for this foundation. Olive squalane is a plant-based alternative to the  shark liver oil that is used in conventional cosmetics. The loss of sharks degrade the ecosystems in which they live and is detrimental to the overall health of the ocean.

Overall, I really like this foundation and it has become one of my go-to products. It has decent coverage and applies very nicely on the skin. I find it even makes my skin feel soft when I am wearing it. It is a great everyday, natural foundation. I believe it could work for all different skin types depending on how you set the foundation.

If you have any green beauty product recommendations please let me know in the comments 🙂

As a note: Everything I mention on this blog is vegan and cruelty-free! Thanks for reading!

Colourpop Pressed Eyeshadow Review and Swatches

Hey Everybody! I have a new video all about the Colourpop Pressed Eyeshadows. Swatches included 🙂 If you like the video format please let me know!

100% Pure Luminous Primer


I don’t typically use face primer but, I was very compelled to try this primer from 100% Pure because I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Long-story short, I’ll try just about anything to have glowing skin.

This primer looks very shiny when it comes out of the pump and it has a smooth consistency. It feels really nice on the skin and preps it for makeup application. I was pretty skeptical at first because I think some primers can be quite gimmicky. In order to test this out accurately I used it with 3 different foundations: OCC Skin Tint, Juice Beauty Serum Foundation, and 100% Pure 2nd Skin. Additionally, I wore these foundations with and without the primer on multiple occasions. After putting this primer to the test I found that it does work. Each time I wore the primer, no matter what foundation I used, I noticed that the wear time of the foundation was lengthened. The foundations didn’t break up as easily throughout the day and my skin looked overall, more luminous.

This primer also contains resveratrol. Resveratrol is said to have anti-aging benefits when used on the skin however, when I did some of my own research I found only conflicting studies on the actual benefits. If anti-aging is a concern of yours this might be a good product to add to your makeup routine as there are no known harmful effects of resveratrol. Basically, I think it’s worth giving a try.

Overall, I really like this primer and I will be repurchasing it again and again. If you are looking for something that will help the longevity of your makeup and the appearance of your skin this is a great primer to try. This primer is silicone-free, vegan, and cruelty-free!

You can find the 100% Pure Luminous Primer here.


Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation

DSC_0081 2 copy

Hello Everyone! I’m back again to share with you my thoughts in the Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation. Juice Beauty is a relatively new company to me and I’ve been intrigued by their “green beauty” philosophy and clean ingredients. Additionally, all of their skincare and makeup products are cruelty free and vegan. (That gives them an A+ in my book)

This foundation is supposed to contain an age-defying serum that creates a youthful appearance to the skin and keep the skin hydrated. The formula of this foundation is very liquidy. Due to the serum nature of this product the bottle needs to be shaken before applying. Despite the feel of this foundation I didn’t find it to be as moisturizing as it claims to be once on the face. I have combination skin that has leaned more dry as of recently. The foundation looked nice on my skin initially but, it did look a bit dry towards the end of the day.

After trying out this foundation I found it to have a medium coverage application. You can build it up to get a more full coverage look however, I found the product gets a bit cakey when applying a lot, even in layers. I found it is best to apply it with a foundation buffing brush if you want full coverage and a damp makeup sponge for light to medium coverage.

The only real problem I had with this foundation was the shade range. I have the color Rosy Tan and it is too light for me. There are a lot of shades for fair skin but not a lot of shades for medium to dark skin tones.

Overall, I really liked this foundation. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but, it is a good option if you are looking for a green beauty foundation. You can easily find this foundation at Ulta stores.

As a note: Everything I mention on this blog is vegan and cruelty-free! Thanks for reading!


ELF Best Friend Eyeshadow Duos


Left to Right: Soul Mate, Pink Pal

ELF recently came out with a line of new eyeshadow duos and of course, I needed to try them. I love how affordable ELF products are and they usually are pretty good quality. These duos are no different, the shadows are smooth and go on beautifully. I really love eyeshadow duos in general because they are perfect to travel with as they usually contain two complementing colors.

There are 5 different duos in this collection and I have 2 of them in the colors Soul Mate and Pink Pal. The duos contain one shimmer shade and one matte shade.

Soul Mate is the perfect “going out” duo. It is really great for a taupe-toned  smokey eye. I really love the shimmer shade in this duo. You can easily wear this shade blended out as a beautiful, day-friendly eye look.


Soul Mate

Pink Pal is perfect for everyday. It has a beautiful shimmery pink (that could be used as a highlighter) and a cool-toned matte brown. Out of the two I purchased, this one is my favorite because it is great for everyday. I really love neutral colors so this duo is perfect for me.

DSC_0045 2

Pink Pal

Overall, if you want an inexpensive eyeshadow duo these are a great option. They are perfect for those who want a great eyeshadow look but don’t have the time to think about what colors look good together. The packaging and the ingredients leave a lot to be desired however at $3 a piece you can’t beat it. The quality of the eyeshadows themselves are great quality.

If you have tried these duos or the other colors please leave me a comment and let me know what you think 🙂


As a note: Everything I mention on this blog is vegan and cruelty-free! Thanks for reading!