Pacifica Wake Up Beautiful Mask

DSC_0085 2

I have really been enjoying face masks recently and I have taken a liking to the Pacifica Wake Up Beautiful Mask. This face mask is a “sleepover” mask which means you don’t rinse it off your face before going to bed (almost like a leave-in conditioner for your face). This mask is super hydrating and is meant for dry to combination skin types.

I find this mask to be very therapeutic for my skin. It feels very cooling on any dry areas I might have on my face and my skin feels very moisturized in the morning. When I use this mask I apply it after I have cleansed my skin at night in place of my moisturizer. The mask completely sinks into your skin just minutes after you apply it and there is no visible residue on your skin in the morning.

Overall, I really enjoy this mask and I think it will be really great for my skin during the winter months or if I’ve been out in the sun too long this summer.

As a note: Everything I mention on this blog is vegan and cruelty-free! Thanks for reading!



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